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Safety Year Plan & OSHA Transitions

Our Safety Year Plan is designed specifically for companies in need of general HSE guidance and support in their current safety standards. The Year Plan is customized to each company’s specific safety needs from safety operation manuals updates to developing an entire safety program. Our Safety Year Plan Members will receive updates on OSHA regulations and assistance on changes needed to ensure compliance.

Ensure your compliance!

Some services offered to our Safety Year Plan Members (can be customized for your company’s needs):

  • Site Inspections
  • Safety Programs
  • Monthly Safety Meetings
  • Safety Meeting Topics and Handouts
  • Safety Consulting
  • OSHA Regulation Updates
  • Preferred Training Scheduling
  • Assist in Developing Safety Policies & Procedures
  • Assist with Accident/Incident Investigations & Procedures
  • Emergency Evacuation Plans
  • Jobsite Analysis (JSA)
  • Site Risk Analysis
  • Client Representation