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IADC Rig Pass

Our IADC Rig Pass Program delivers a standardized safety orientation program for new and current employees and prepares your workforce for any operating environment, at any site, Onshore or Offshore. Our Rig Pass is endorsed by SafeLandUSA and SafeGulf. This is an orientation course designed specifically for our US Onshore E&P Industry and is recognized by many oil and gas companies.

This program is endorsed by SafeGulf and SafeLandUSA.

General Overview

  • Rig and Platform Environment
  • Work Site Safety
  • Release, Spills and Leaks
  • Hoisting Equipment
  • Reporting and Investigation Incidents
  • Work Permits
  • Traveling to Work Site
  • Excavations Operations
  • Marine Debris
  • Emergency Evacuation Plans
  • Offshore Transportation
  • Job Safety and Environment Analysis

And more!